Ineedarand is a crowdfunding community based on ubuntu which is a South African term that means humanity-i am because we are. It consists of people from all walks of life, who wish to help one another and communities in a very selfless manner and in turn may get help themselves.
This Community is self-sustained and independent. It operates on fair practices with the aim of reaching millions in South Africa and beyond to be a force for positive change in people’s lives. Thus, the concept of people helping people stands as a base of the INEEDARAND Community.

In a Nutshell

Started working in 2018, INeedARand is South Africa’s rapidly growing fundraising online community.

The most important bits

– Our website is smartphone ready
– We have live support for your convenience as a valued member.
– INeedARand Mobile App is coming.

We are fair

Whether your project has to do with yourself, A loved one or your community, you can create a wish campaign with our platform. creating a wish is free online, and once you finish, friends, family and the “IneedaRand community can begin donating to your cause. IneedaRand offers further potential by offering the functionality to share your cause with your social media network connections.


What is a “Wish”? A wish is a project you create on our website to request funding. Once created, the community will then fund it to ensure that it is fulfilled